How to Upgrade Home Security Without an Actual Alarm System

26 February 2018
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A good alarm can often be the best way to upgrade your home's overall security, and especially if you opt for security cameras that you can monitor remotely, to ensure your home is safe even when you're away. However, some people are very uncomfortable with alarm systems, worrying that they'll accidentally set off the alarm, or worrying that a child might find it frightening to use when they're home alone. Whatever your reason for not wanting an alarm system, note a few ways to upgrade your home's security without the use of cameras, alerts, keypads, and other such high-tech solutions. Read More …

The Advantages of Exterior Roller Shutters for Your Home

21 February 2018
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Exterior roller shutters are a good choice for any home, and they offer many advantages over standard interior window treatments. Roller shutters installed outside home windows can also be used along with interior curtains and other such pieces, rather than choosing just one or the other. Note a few reasons why you might consider exterior roller shutters for your home, either with or without interior curtains, shades, or blinds or other such window treatments. Read More …

How to Choose Between Sliding or Hinged Patio Doors for Your Home

21 February 2018
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A home's patio doors should be attractive and stylish, and should allow you to easily enjoy the view to the home's exterior. When choosing to replace glass patio doors, you also need to keep in mind the amount of foot traffic you'll have in and out of that space; if you entertain often or have kids, you might want the widest opening to the patio possible, to accommodate everyone's comings and goings! Read More …

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