A Simple Guide to Fit Your Internal Fire Doors

A Simple Guide to Fit Your Internal Fire Doors

30 March 2022
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Fire doors are essential components of any building structure. They provide a safe exit in the event of a fire on your premise. Therefore, having basic knowledge of how they can be installed is a plus in enhancing emergency and safety. Installation of an internal fire door is not the same as other standard types like hanging doors.

Failing to install your fire door correctly can compromise its performance and risks loss of property and the lives of the people involved. Therefore, once installed, consult with your Control Officer to check for standard compliance requirements to ensure that it meets the standard requirements.

Fire Door Frames

Door frames are an essential part of the assembling and installation process of fire doors. Hence, proper care must be taken when manufacturing and fitting them. Fire door frames must be well configured to comply with specific requirements outlined in the certification manual for valid installation. Check with your manufacturer to avoid compatibility issues during the installation process. 

Fire Door Seals 

When installing internal fire doors, ensure they are fitted well to incorporate the right smoke seals and intumescent. The two components play an instrumental role in preventing the spread of smoke and fire during an emergency. 

For your fire door to function well, it must move freely in the frame. To achieve this concept, a gap should be left around the perimeter. Therefore, the intumescent strip should be fit to expand and fill the void well in the event of a fire. In addition, you may groove in the door edge to enhance security in the event of a fire outbreak. 

Internal Fire Doors Ironmongery

Part of your fire door test accreditation is fitting the suitable ironmongery. This includes all the component items used on a fire door, such as latches, locks, hinges, handles and overhead door closers. Any missed or incorrect fixes of the components compromise the ability of your fire door to provide safety during a fire outbreak. Ensure you have the best professional to fix the ironmongery during installation. 


For your door to function properly, installation is not enough. There are additional maintenance requirements that must be met from time to time. Regularly check the handles, hitches, locks, latches and other components to ensure they function properly. If they can't be repaired, make plans to replace them immediately. You never know when a fire emergency sets it. Any slight mismatch or malfunction in the ironmongery risks losing lives and property. 

For more information, contact a company that offers fire door installation

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