The Advantages of Exterior Roller Shutters for Your Home

The Advantages of Exterior Roller Shutters for Your Home

21 February 2018
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Exterior roller shutters are a good choice for any home, and they offer many advantages over standard interior window treatments. Roller shutters installed outside home windows can also be used along with interior curtains and other such pieces, rather than choosing just one or the other. Note a few reasons why you might consider exterior roller shutters for your home, either with or without interior curtains, shades, or blinds or other such window treatments.


Interior window treatments do little, if anything, to stop someone from breaking into your home through the windows. The best protection they might offer is a tripping hazard once someone forces a window open! However, exterior shutters run along a track inside the home's exterior window frame, and many models lock into place so that they're very difficult, if not downright impossible, to pry the window open.

Exterior shutters also cover an entire window, so they can block the view to the inside of the home for anyone who is trying to note if the home is empty and a prime target for a break-in. Many such shutters can also be motorized and connected to a timer, and then programmed to open and close randomly every day, making the home look occupied. You can also have the exterior shutters close at a certain time every evening so that you don't need to walk through every room of the home and close those shutters manually, while still keeping the home secure and safe from potential intruders.


You may not think your windows need protection from the elements if you don't live in an area that is prone to storms, high winds and the like, but note that window glass may be more susceptible to damage than you realize. Hot, direct sunlight can weaken some types of window glass, and any debris hitting that glass can cause small scratches on its surface. In turn, dust and dirt might settle in those scratched areas, and the windows may start to look dull or streaky. Since the dirt and dust on the window glass is embedded in those scratches, the windows then won't come clean even with a power washer and strong soaps.

To protect windows and keep them looking their best for as long as possible, you can close the exterior shutters when you're not home. This will protect that glass from being overly exposed to hot sunlight and from potential damage caused by any type of debris. Contact a company like Southern Screen Scene to learn more.

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