What Makes Security Doors Stronger Than Regular Doors

What Makes Security Doors Stronger Than Regular Doors

21 August 2023
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As a business owner, it is your duty to protect your assets and your employees. While alarm systems and security cameras are a great start, the physical security of your building's entry points is also critical. One key element to consider is the type of doors you use. Here are the differences between regular doors and security doors and what makes security doors a stronger option for your business.

Material Composition

One of the most noticeable differences between regular doors and security doors is the material the doors are made of. Regular doors are usually made of hollow metal, wood or fibreglass, while security doors are made of reinforced steel. Steel, an enduring and resilient material, offers unparalleled protection against any attempts of forced entry. The reinforced steel also makes the door much heavier, meaning that it's harder to kick or break down.


A security door is only as good as its hinges. Traditional doors typically have hinges positioned on the outside of the door, making them vulnerable to tampering and forced entry attempts. However, security doors are manufactured with hinges that are installed on the inside of the door. This prevents would-be burglars from accessing the pins and hinges, making it nearly impossible to remove the door without the assistance of heavy-duty tools.

Locks and Bolts

Security doors are typically equipped with robust locking systems. There are several different types of locks used, including deadbolt, multi-point and electronic locks. Deadbolts are standard features on most security doors, and they're much more secure than traditional locks. Multi-point locks, on the other hand, use bolts that are located at various points along the door and frame, creating a more secure barrier against forced entry. Electronic locks offer an additional level of security, giving you the ability to manage access to your business remotely.


In addition to locks and bolts, security doors come equipped with other security features. For example, many security doors have reinforced panels, which are designed to prevent the door from being kicked or pushed in. Some security doors also have peepholes or video cameras, allowing you to see who's outside before you open the door. If you want to add additional security, many security doors can also be fitted with security grilles or screens, which provide even more protection.


Finally, security doors can be customised to meet your precise needs. You can choose from different sizes, colours, panels and accessories to make your door uniquely yours. Moreover, you have the flexibility to opt for either single or double doors based on the dimensions of your entryway. This allows you to customise your choice according to your specific requirements. Customisation ensures that your security door not only provides robust protection but also looks beautiful and complements your business's aesthetic.

The differences between regular doors and security doors are significant. Security doors offer superior protection against forced entry attempts, making them the ideal choice for businesses that need added security.

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