Everything You Need to Know About Fire Doors

16 November 2020
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If you are planning on starting a business, you may come across a legal requirement to install fire warning, fighting and arresting systems, equipment or devices. One of these systems is a fire door that needs to be supplemented with fire protection hardware or devices, for example, magnetic locks that react to smoke, fire and fire alarms. What happens is that the magnetic locks are linked to smoke, fire and fire alarm devices, which when triggered, cause the fire door to lock. Read More …

Why Roller Shutters Are A Great Addition To Commercial Properties

17 July 2020
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The security of your business should always be a top priority, and there are many great ways to ensure your business stays safe from intruders. One of these is the addition of roller shutters in front of your entrance ways, and there are many reasons why these work so well. If you have been wondering how to make your property more secure and have been struggling to find a decent option, then here are three reasons why you should consider roller shutters for the front (and back) of your commercial property. Read More …

Queries You Should Ask Your Contractor About Garage Door Repairs

9 April 2020
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Although most garage doors are made of quality materials, they can get damaged over time. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that repairs are done immediately to protect your home from external elements and intruders. But what can you do to do to ensure you get the best specialist from your list of potential garage door contractors? Knowing some of the questions you can ask will make the selection process easier. Read More …

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