3 Critical Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Residential Garage Door

3 Critical Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Residential Garage Door

2 September 2022
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Are you shopping for a new garage door for your home? Choosing a residential garage door is a big decision. Not only is your chosen door going to provide access to your garage but also blocks unlawful entry into the home. Plus, it's an installation that will remain visible for years, so its appearance matters. 

With all the different types of garage doors available on the market these days, you can feel overwhelmed by your options. To avoid confusion and overcome indecision, you need to know what to look for when choosing your residential garage door.

Use this garage door selection guide to determine the best garage door for your needs. 


Exterior doors, along with ground-level windows, are vulnerable entry points that intruders target when breaking into homes. When choosing a residential garage door, avoid doors that will grant burglars and other criminals access to your home. 

The security and safety of your home and family should always come first, so it is in your best interest to invest in a door that offers adequate protection against illegal home entry.

In choosing a secure garage door for your home, consider the door construction material and locking mechanism. For example, metal doors like steel and aluminium doors generally offer greater protection than non-metal versions such as wood, vinyl and fibreglass. 


A garage door influences the thermal performance and energy efficiency of a home, as it is part of the building's fenestration.

Given today's high energy prices, installing a garage door that can help keep your domestic energy consumption to a minimum is essential. The lower your residential heating and cooling load, the less you will spend on household energy bills.

While some garage door materials, such as wood, naturally insulate homes against heat and cold, others must be fitted with insulation to keep house interiors comfortable. When choosing a garage door with insulation, consider its R-value. The higher the value, the better insulated the door is. 


Like it or not, your garage door will affect the overall appearance of your home's exterior. It will also affect the general feel of the property.

Choosing a garage door that will blend in nicely with your roof, siding, windows, exterior walls and the rest of the home exterior design elements. Otherwise, you risk ruining the kerb appeal of the property, potentially reducing its resale value.

Although choosing a new garage door for your home can be a confusing task, knowing what to consider when weighing up your options will increase your chances of making the correct decision.

If you need help with making a well-informed and confident decision, contact a garage door expert near you.

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