Everything You Need to Know About Fire Doors

Everything You Need to Know About Fire Doors

16 November 2020
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If you are planning on starting a business, you may come across a legal requirement to install fire warning, fighting and arresting systems, equipment or devices. One of these systems is a fire door that needs to be supplemented with fire protection hardware or devices, for example, magnetic locks that react to smoke, fire and fire alarms.

What happens is that the magnetic locks are linked to smoke, fire and fire alarm devices, which when triggered, cause the fire door to lock.

A fire door is different from a typical door in that it does not allow fire or smoke to pass through to the next room. Fires can also heat the air and cause expansion that creates pressure; fire doors are also built to withstand this pressure.

Fire Doors Are Available in Different Designs

Fire doors can look like standard doors, including the opening mechanism. What is important is that it has to pass fire testing/fire protection testing. You are therefore not limited to particular designs that might not match the aesthetics of your premises.

Fire Testing/Fire Protection Testing

The National Construction Code requires that before any door is labelled a fire door, it has to pass through various tests. These tests are aimed at identifying how long a door can be exposed to fire or heat before damage begins.

The door is placed in a furnace and exposed to heat levels. The time it takes before the door starts to show signs of damage is recorded in minutes or hours; this time is what is referred to as the fire-resistance rating level. Remember, some fire doors have magnetic locks; these must be tested as well to make sure they work as advertised.

When in the market for a fire door, you might be asked what fire-resistant rating level you want. Of course, the longer the time, the better and the more expensive the door will be.

How Are Errors Eliminated from Fire Testing?

Fire testing is not done by anyone; the companies or organisations that conduct fire testing must be licensed, certified and registered.

The body in charge of registering fire testing companies and governing fire testing regulations is referred to as the National Association of Testing Authorities. To be registered, companies must prove that they understand how to conduct fire testing and have the skills, equipment and experience needed to conduct fire testing. The companies should also show that they understand and can follow the fire testing regulations highlighted under the National Association of Testing Authorities.

To learn more, reach out to a fire testing service today.

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