Two Reasons Why You Might Want To Upgrade Your Garage Door Motor

Two Reasons Why You Might Want To Upgrade Your Garage Door Motor

8 November 2021
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If your garage door is powered by a motor, here are two reasons why you might want to upgrade the latter.

The motor opens and closes the door very slowly

If your garage motor takes forever to open or close the door, you should consider replacing it. The reason for this is that on occasions when you leave the garage whilst you're in your car, a slow-moving door can be quite a nuisance, as it's not safe to drive off until you can see that the door has shut and is secure. If you have to spend, for example, two minutes sitting in your vehicle every day whilst you wait for the old motor to close the door, and need to wait another two minutes for it to open when you come home, that could result in you spending about two hours a month on this mundane and time-wasting activity.

Replacing it with a motor that can shut or open the door in a few seconds will allow you to safely drive off as soon as you've pressed the door remote button and will enable you to get back into the garage just as quickly. You'll then be able to utilise the monthly hours you used to spend waiting for the door to open or close for something more important.

Furthermore, on days when you leave the garage door open whilst you are doing something inside the garage, and it suddenly begins to rain heavily, having a motor that is powerful enough to rapidly close the door will mean that the garage floor and any items you're storing in it won't get rained on.

The motor is loud

Older garage door motors can be very loud when they're in use. If this is the case with your motor, it might be worth getting a newer, quieter model. The reason for this is that a noisy motor can make it next to impossible to enter or and exit your garage at night or early in the morning, without disrupting the sleep of your household members and your closest neighbours. It could also serve as a form of noise pollution for those who live in or around your home when they're awake during the day, if you go in and out of your garage repeatedly whilst, for example, doing DIY work in there.

Being aware of this might result in you not utilising your garage for things like storage or DIY. A modern motor will not be totally silent but is likely to be far quieter than your current old one, provided you keep it in good condition, and should, therefore, allow you to visit your garage as much as you want, without bothering your family or neighbours.

If you need a new garage door motor, talk to a supplier near you.

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