Considerations When Picking a Wardrobe Door Style

Considerations When Picking a Wardrobe Door Style

28 June 2021
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If you're building a new wardrobe in your bedroom, you need to select a door style.  They come in various materials and can be sliding, swinging, flat, or panelled. Here are several considerations when picking your door.

Room Space and Wardrobe Access

One of the main decisions is whether to install a hinged or sliding wardrobe door. Swinging doors have a traditional feel while sliding doors are more modern looking. The door opening style has practical implications also. For example, as swinging doors move outwards across the open room, you'll need ample floor area. Though, a benefit of hinged doors is that they offer full access to the storage. You don't have to roll a sliding door to and fro, out of the way, to find clothes. However, if you wish to preserve the floor area in a cramped bedroom, consider sliding doors that help by moving neatly to the side and not protruding. However, you can't access the entire wardrobe fully as you can with hinged doors.

Panel and Flat Doors

If you want to create a consistent look in your home, you could echo the interior door style throughout your home within the wardrobe. So, if your home features panelled doors, install a similarly styled custom wardrobe door. Panelled doors can work in both sliding and swinging designs. While panelled doors suit period homes, they can harmonise with modern decor, adding texture and visual interest. You can give them a more contemporary look still with handleless panels. You can also echo the colour and style of flat internal-house doors within the wardrobe. Some sliding systems let you fit a customised internal house door within the closet for a unique look.

Mirrored Doors

Mirrored doors help make a small bedroom seem larger, especially floor to ceiling ones. The mirrors reflect the space and seemingly double the room. Additionally, they reflect light to create a brighter ambience which helps as better-lit areas feel bigger than dim spaces. These doors also offer you the convenience of full-length mirrors, so you can try different outfits on and see their effect head-to-toe.

Thus, when selecting wardrobe doors, consider whether your bedroom has the space to accommodate a swinging model or whether a sliding door would better suit the layout. Also, factor in whether you'd prefer the wardrobe access offered by a hinged door. You could install panelled or flat doors and stylise them to harmonise with other internal doors. Mirrored styles help make the room appear larger, and they offer the convenience of an expansive mirror for grooming.  

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