How to Care for Your Wood Roller Shutters

How to Care for Your Wood Roller Shutters

12 March 2018
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Wood roller shutters are great alternatives to the traditional blinds and other treatments. They keep out heat and solar radiation during the summer and improve the air quality in your home. Wood shutters can be stained with your preferred colour to match or complement the paint colour and furnishings in your home. However, they need extra care and proper maintenance to preserve their beautiful appearance and last longer. This article will address some simple tips that you can follow to care for your wood roller shutters and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Clean frequently

Wood is a high-maintenance material that requires regular cleaning to preserve its quality and appearance. Keep dust off the wood by cleaning the shutters at least once every two weeks. Wiping them down with a damp piece of cloth will suffice. Do not use soap or other detergents or soak the wood in water. Doing so can shorten the lifespan of the timber by causing it to warp and chip.

Beware of staining your roller shutters, especially if you have kids around the house. If the shutters get stained with food, beverage, or kids' colouring paint, wipe them immediately to prevent the stain from bonding permanently to the wood and ruining its beautiful look.

Install solar shields

Roller shutters do a great job of keeping out heat and maintaining a fresh indoor environment during the hot season. However, they also need protection from UV solar rays, especially if the wood used is untreated. UV rays can cause wood to fade or become brittle over time. Brittle wood warps and chips quickly, and you will be forced to replace the shutters within a short period. Take care of your shutters by investing in solar shields. They block solar radiation from penetrating the home and damaging your shutters. Solar shields also prevent fading in furniture and fabrics that are in the path of direct radiation from the sun.

Operate properly

One of the primary causes of damage in roller shutters is incorrect operation. If roller shutters are opened using the wrong technique, they will get damaged over time. Use the provided controls to operate the wood roller shutters. If they come with a rod, always use it to open and close the shutters. If you have ones with hidden controls, do not open and close them from the edges. Instead, tip the louvres from the centre. Teach this to your kids and other occupants of the home as well.

Wood roller shutters require proper care to maintain their appearance and last longer. Follow these tips to ensure that you get the most out of these treatments.

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